Travel Soccer FAQ

Information about the 2024-25 tryouts are at the bottom of this page. 


Q. Why is it called “travel” soccer

A. Woodbridge Youth Soccer offers travel soccer teams for ages 8-19. The teams are competitively selected and travel to games throughout the Mid NJ region (therefore they “travel”).


Q. Who can tryout for a Woodbridge Youth Soccer travel team?

A. Woodbridge Youth Soccer travel teams are not limited to Woodbridge Youth Soccer recreational league players. Players from throughout the area are eligible to tryout and play for Woodbridge Youth Soccer travel teams.


Q. Who do these teams play against?

A. Most of Woodbridge Youth Soccer travel teams compete against area and regional teams sponsored by other local soccer clubs that participate in EDP and MNJYSA.


Q. What sort of commitment is required for parents and players of the travel team?

A. Everyone involved in travel soccer recognizes that serious commitment for young players is difficult. However, being on a travel team requires both the child AND THE PARENT understand that this activity is a commitment. Neither the player nor the team can develop to full potential without that commitment.

For most travel players, only religious commitments, school, and school athletics take precedence over travel team practices and games. 

Typically, younger players may want to continue with their “rec” teams. No Woodbridge Youth Soccer rule prohibits this. The league and the travel teams simply ask that in the case of a conflict, the travel team takes precedence. (Example Travel game comes first, followed by Rec game, then Travel practice followed by Rec practice)


Q. How much soccer are we talking about?

A. Typically, beginning several weeks prior to the season and continuing throughout the season, travel players attend practices twice-weekly. There are approximately 10 weekend games during the fall and another 10 in the spring. The travel games are typically played on Sunday, but re-scheduled games (due to weather, etc.) may be on either Saturday or weeknights.

In addition, some teams may select to compete in local and regional tournaments each fall and spring.

During the summer, teams may practice, and players are strongly encouraged to attend Woodbridge Youth Soccer training sessions.

In the winter, teams may practice indoors (probably only once a week) and may participate in indoor soccer leagues. Players will be required to participate in an indoor physical training program (once a week).

As teams mature, players may participate in regional tournaments on several weekends a year.

This sounds like too much soccer.

Travel soccer is not for every child or every family. But, what players and families who make the commitment find is that their skills (and confidence) improve by leaps and bounds; they make new friends; and the travel environment can be a lot of fun. Winning is not the ultimate goal of Woodbridge Youth Soccer program (player development is), but players and families alike love the feeling of accomplishment that comes from the success that flows from dedication to the sport.

Parents need to think about whether their child is ready for the experience. But, if so, the child will learn that success does not come easy; hard work pays off; and winning isn’t everything. These are life lessons that we all must learn and travel soccer is a good way to learn them.


Q. How far do we have to travel?

A. Travel teams will play in games arranged by EDP and/or MNJYSA. However, the league make every effort to minimize travel times. Half of the games approx 4 or 5 each season are home games played in Woodbridge Township.


Q. Who runs the travel teams?

A. Woodbridge Youth Soccer assists the team in its formation and sets up the administrative structure necessary for play. Woodbridge Youth Soccer will select a qualified coach to teach skills, run practices, and coach games.


Q. How are Travel Teams selected?

A. Tryouts are typically held in April/May and are open to all players of appropriate age and gender, regardless of club affiliation.


Q. What will a Travel Team position cost?

A. Travel Soccer teams costs run higher then our rec league registration. Travel team players will have the opportunity to participate in fundraising to reduce the cost of playing travel soccer. There are expenses for uniforms, League fees, Insurance, Tournaments, Trainers and the rental of Indoor training for the Fall and Winter practices.


Q. What are the dates for the 2024-25 Tryouts?


Monday, April 22 @ Woodbridge High School 

6:30pm - 2015 Boys, 2016 Boys
7:30pm - 2011 Boys

Tuesday, April 23 @ Woodbridge High School 

6:30pm - 2017 Boys, 2013 Girls
7:30pm - 2014 Boys, 2013 Boys

Wednesday, April 24 @ Woodbridge High School 

6:30pm - 2014 Girls, 2015 Girls
7:30pm - 2011 Girls, 2012 Girls

Thursday, April 25 @ Woodbridge High School

6:30pm - 2017 Girls
7:30pm - 2016 Girls, 2012 Boys


For each tryout, players should check in at the field between 6pm and 6:30pm. Tryouts will start promptly at 630pm and run through 8pm.

Players should only show up for the night that corresponds with their birth year, ie. Boys who are born in 2012 and 2013 will try out on Friday, May 20 only.

Players must pre-register for the tryouts. Click here to register.